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We live in constant chaos: cell phones ring, PDAs buzz, e-mails fly through cyberspace and information assaults your customers from all directions, 24/7.

In fact, according to the Newspaper Association of America, the average American is bombarded with more than three thousand marketing messages every day.

How do you make your message stand out? Cassel International specializes in every aspect of cutting-edge marketing and communications including social marketing and networking.

We can help you rise above the chatter, develop a total marketing strategy, and deliver a message to your intended audience that's direct, loud and clear. Marketing for the Millennium......

mil • len • ni • um ([mi-len-ee-uhm)
A hoped-for period of joy, serenity, prosperity, and justice

Cassel International - Proudly providing marketing services and international business consulting to U.S. and overseas clients for six years!

Commercial Store Fixtures and Lighting Manufacturer - "Cassel International is a pleasure to work with. Their marketing efforts have had a noticeable impact on our brand and our business."

Specialty Food Manufacturer - "Because of Cassel International's marketing guidance, we have moved from a kitchen-based business to a respected manufacturer of specialty food products represented in major grocery stores and specialty retailers across the United States."

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