Unlock Your International Possibilities!

According to an article in the Journal of Business Strategy, more than one fourth of companies expanding internationally fail. Why? "Poor planning".

Global marketing and sales success is a challenge, particularly for growing companies. Understanding cultural distinctions, political sensitivities and linguistic nuances can make the difference between a public relations nightmare and a successful marketing campaign.

Cassel International can help. We specialize in the field of international research, marketing and business consulting.

Perhaps you want to start on a small scale, but lack qualified personnel to devote to global business expansion. You may wish to increase your export market share by moving into new geographic areas. Or you understand the mechanics of exporting, and simply do not have the available time to explore new opportunities, monitor your global competition or track key market trends worldwide.

Cassel International will serve as an extension of your staff; with our firm as your partner, you can be assured of having the right information and the right way to go to market.

Sales and Distribution Company - "Bereits von Beginn unser Cooperation an erwies sich die hohe Qualifikation von Carol B. Webster in praktisch allen anstehenden Fragen als wertvoll und hilfreich bei der Lösung anstehender Probleme." (From the beginning of our cooperation, Carol Webster's qualifications proved valuable and useful in solving open questions and problems).

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